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Starsky Hutch Compendium

Another episode where it becomes personal for SH as they try to make charges stick against two men who rape a young friend of theirs, even barging into the DA's office to make their case. Starsky also loses his temper in this episode, physically attacking the slick DA at one point, and Hutch gets frustrated enough to mention quitting.

Cable Asylum: REVIEW: Cardas Audio Golden Reference Power

I have never written a cable review before, yet I have been interested in this area more intensely than usual in the past year and a half. High end power cables specifically struck me as an odd product, as everything I knew told me they cannot make a difference connected to a hundred of feet of simple cooper wiring and thousands of feet of transmission lines.

Insanity FlyFF in a Nutshell

as soon as possible try to get to level 300, for the contents Insanity FlyFF provides is within the end game tier, but nevertheless the early stages of leveling are available and enjoyable aswel and items can be bought in the lvl 120+ Equipment Shop BoboChan BlackSmith NPC in all major towns

Staggered Gem Bay build.. questions.. : HustleCastle

Or upgrade crafting rooms. Or gamble in Portal - 17k souls per legendary item. Before starting leveling up, make sure you have 3 legendary robes lvl40 with very good SP, 3 blue or green healing over 4s weapons for the healers. Do not use legendary or purple heal weapons, they boost the squad power too much, without bringing better heal

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guides All Six Professions

Helpful Crafting Tips! Eat Your Reagents – Eating will allow you to uncover the first trait of that reagent and gain inspiration. You only need to eat one of each type and do it BEFORE mixing! Discover ALL of the traits – Discovering traits gives you insight into the potions you will be making and also gains you quite a bit of experience! Do this before making the same potion over and over

Design and Make your own Jewelry in Gold, platinum, silver

Design and Make your own Jewelry in gold, silver: . Design and Make Your Own Jewelry: Good quality jewelry is beautiful to own and wear, and jewelry making really is an art form. For centuries, this art was protected and handed down from father to son through various apprentice programs. The necessary tools and equipment


ESO Sets in Elder Scrolls Online are obtained via Crafting, as drops from mobs and bosses across Tamriel, from PvP vendors in Battlegrounds or Cyrodiil and from Dungeons and Trials.Some sets can be acquired from Maelstrom Arena or Dragonstar Arena.See also: Set Crafting Locations for the locations on where the Crafted Sets can be made. See Unique Set Pieces for special Elite World Boss Drops.

Unique item

Gold Ring Requires Level 20 (6-15)% increased Rarity of Items found +10 to Dexterity (50-70)% increased Rarity of Items found-20% to all Elemental Resistances Danger is the price of wealth. unique ring then you should use an Orb of Chance on a Gold Ring Gold Ring Requires Level 20 (6-15)% increased Rarity of Items found of normal rarity.

19 Best Drink Coolers images

Rum drinks and cocktails - continue to make your most-liked drinks with the use of Malibu rum foods for inspirational and delightful cocktails. Texas Roadhouse is proud to offer Real Bar featuring ice-cold beer and legendary margaritas in every steakhouse. Kenny's Cooler from Texas Roadhouse. This drink is dangerously delicious! See more

Aura Kingdom Wiki

Before you create a guild page, please make sure you abide to our guild policy page. This is to ensure proper titling, formatting, and appropriateness. Without further ado, you can begin creating your guild page. Note: all guild pages must use the prefix Guild: to be acceptable on the wiki. The form below will automatically add the prefix.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Once he's got Blinder make sure you equip your fighters with Sober Rings to block Dazzle or you'll rarely be able to hit him. Malroth is pretty fast, so make sure your priest is using agility gear. His Psyche Up can be pretty nasty if he uses it twice in a row, otherwise he'll actually do less damage on average.

Born of Legend

Jun 21, 2016Born of Legend. Holding his hands up, Dagger turned around slowly to face the Tavali behind him. From the way the Tavali had spoken, he'd expected to recognize the pirate. He didn't. If their paths had ever crossed, Dagger had no recollection of it. From the size and smell of the male, and the patches on his battlesuit, he was also a chiller.

Buy and Sell High

Make yourself at home and learn more about Audiogon. If it's audio related and you want to buy it, sell it, or look for it, then we are your one-stop, comprehensive resource. A mainstay of the audiophile world since the late '90s, AudiogoN is the largest, most respected high-end audio community in the industry.

Almar's Guides

Finally the last thing I want to draw people's attention to in this update is my Youtube Channel which is where I will be making videos of my 5 Boxing in World of Warcraft. Blackrock Depths 5 Boxing. WoW Classic Phase 1 Auction House Tips. Almar's WoW Classic Farming Guides. WoW Classic 5 Boxing (My Setup How I Play My Team)

BFV Data Mining: New Weapons Equipment, First Details on

Gold I-III. Sapphire I-III. Diamond I-III. Minor Gadget Updates. RMN-50: Hold the fire button to cook the grenade in the barrel, causing it to explode in the air. RECON PLANE: The Recon Plane will scout all enemies in the direction you're facing. HIGH ALTITUDE RECONNAISSANCE: Spots both teams. No


Crafting allows players to create many items using resources obtained from gathering or monster drops. Six crafting categories are available: Weapon Crafting, Armor Crafting, Jewelry Crafting, Familiar Research, Alchemy, and Cooking. The player may craft in any and all of these six categories once they reach Hakain's Crossing, and can provide access to powerful equipment or familiar marks for

Sorcerer Set Armor — Elder Scrolls Online

Sorcerer Set Armor . Leave a Reply. I'm looking to flesh out my Sorcerer, and currently do not use any set equipment with him. I am aware of the Crafting locations and how to make and mix set pieces (as my NB and Templar both utilize armor/weapon sets in those builds), but I was wanting opinions on what are good sets to go with and mix for

How to Cook Couscous on the Stove or in the Microwave

Feb 14, 2012It's not for nothing that couscous is one of our biggest staples for quick weeknight dinners. This grain-like pasta cooks in the blink of an eye and is absolutely foolproof. If you can boil water, I guarantee you can make couscous. The couscous that most of us pick up at the local grocery store is actually instant couscous. This is couscous that has already been steamed and dried for us.

Audio Asylum Thread Printer

This allows them to couple acoustic vibration into connected equipment. Power cords and interconnect cables have the same properties and should be supported by firm and nonresonant objects. I found this out the hard way when I experimented with some wood blocks and glass prisms as lifters.

Druid Epic 1.5: Staff of Living Brambles :: Quests

They continue to grow at an astounding speed and soon burst the pot and form the Staff of Living Brambles. You receive the Staff of Living Brambles, a.k.a. druid epic 1.5. Submitted by: Tenani, Willowflower, Coffeapot, Lilheart, the folks at The Druids Grove

Nike. Just Do It. Nike

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All the mail items I can make with blacksmithing have been changed from +str to +agi for the hunters and shammys to wear so as a warrior I can't even use any of those as an alternative until I can get hold of some plate. World plate drops don't start until lvl 40, I haven't seen any lower lvl

Learn How to Make Gold Mouth Grills

Training to make gold teeth or mouth grillz is not only to develop yourself in the art of custom grills, it will also provide you the skills and knowledge to create your own business. You will get the training you need to specialize in gold teeth, mouth grills, real gold grillz and just about any custom grillz.

Can't I trade items with friends nor sell whatever I want

Can't I trade items with friends nor sell whatever I want in exchange? TL;DR: I have lots of equipment that I can't or don't want to use. Is it possible to trade them with other players, to sell them directly to other players or put them to Exchange regardless the equipment (like those dropped from mob or obtained from quests, not only those

Shackle of Rock :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM

Everquest Quest Information for Shackle of Rock. The withered 2.5 inch finger was the hardest for me to get. I spend 4 days randomly logging in and killing either the fingered skeleton or one of its placeholders (I camped my monk right in his path).

Gold Casting Jewelry Manufacturer

Professional Gold Casting Jewelry Services From Casting House . Whether you are creating an engagement ring, wedding band, reproduction of a favorite piece of jewelry, a customized piece for a client, or a new piece for your jewelry store, gold is often the preferred metal of choice.

Conan Exiles Legendary Weapons Guide

You can get these weapons only from legendary loot chests, which can be found all over the Exiled Lands. But in order to open them, you need to be at level 60 and have skeleton keys . If you want to know what legendary weapons are currently available in Conan Exiles,


Recent developments in dry washing equipment have made it possible for a one or two-man operation to work larger volumes of dry placer ground without water, and obtain good results in gold recovery. Dry processing recovery systems generally use air flows to do the same job that water does in

Neil Young

Neil Percival Young OC OM (born November 12, 1945) is a Canadian American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and activist, considered by some as one of the most influential and prolific songwriters of all time. After embarking on a music career in the 1960s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he formed Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and others.

Newest 'achievements' Questions

I want to get all of the achievements for A Short Hike (there are only 8 of them, and I already have so far). For example, you need to dive and catch 500 sea creatures to get the gold badge from Phineas. I have now been keeping track of how many I have caught, but I didn't do that from the beginning. Newest achievements questions feed

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